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Mobile Home Taxes

Mobile homes and manufactured homes in mobile home parks or grandfathered in prior to 2011 are assessed and taxed under the “Mobile Home Local Services Tax” or Privileged Tax.  All other mobile homes and manufactured homes are assessed and taxed as Real Estate.


Mobile homes not located in a mobile home park must be registered with the Supervisor of Assessment’s office within 30 days of placement. 

A mobile home park owner shall register any mobile home entering such park within 5 days from entry with the Assessor. 


Senior citizens and disabled persons desiring their exemption should contact the Supervisor of Assessment’s office.

Moving or demolishing a mobile home 

A mobile home may not be moved without a moving permit signed by the County Treasurer.  The cost for a mobile home moving permit is $2.00.  Please contact the Treasurer’s office for details on the information needed for a moving permit.

If a mobile home has been demolished or removed, please contact the Treasurer’s or Assessor’s office to have the mobile home removed from the billing system.  

Selling a mobile home

The Secretary of State of Illinois will not transfer title of any mobile home to another person or party until all taxes have been certified paid by the County Treasurer.  The cost of a Secretary of State Mobile Home Tax Certification is $2.00. Please bring the signed mobile home title to the Treasurer’s office to obtain a Secretary of State Mobile Home Tax Certification.


Mobile Homes on Privilege Tax

Assessment Period

January 1st to December 31st of the current year. The tax is computed at the rate based on the model year of the mobile home, according to the square footage.

Billing Information

Mobile Home Privileged tax bills are mailed out each year by March 1st and are due May 1st each year.  Any mobile home privileged tax bill not paid on or before the due date, the taxpayer shall be required to pay a penalty of $25.00 per month, not to exceed $100.

Payment Locations / Options

Clark County Courthouse

Mobile Home Privilege taxes may be paid in the Clark County Treasurer / Collector’s Office at the Clark County Courthouse located at 501 Archer Avenue, Marshall, IL 62441.

Please use east entrance (6th Street) of courthouse.  Handicap access available at south entrance of courthouse, please ring doorbell for assistance.

Forms of payment accepted:   checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, or cash

Via Mail

Mobile Home Privilege taxes may be paid by mail to the following address:

Clark County Treasurer & Collector
Courthouse / 501 Archer Avenue
Marshall, IL 62441

MUST send original tax bill stub with payment.

To avoid a $25.00 monthly penalty, not to exceed $100, your payment must be postmarked by the due date.

To receive receipt, send entire tax bill with self-addressed stamped envelope enclosed. We will stamp top portion of bill paid and return it to you with your sticker in your self-addressed stamped envelope.

 *Credit/Debit card or online payments are not available for mobile home privilege tax.   

Please contact the Treasurer/Collector’s Office with any questions or to update a mailing address at (217) 826-5721, M-F 8 am - 4 pm.