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Summer fun
in Clark County




  • Nov 8th, 2016 Election results Online

  • The next board meeting is 8 am Friday, August 18th - County Courthouse Boardroom, 2nd Floor. Your County Board meetings are open to public. 

  • Emergency weather and road conditions real-time - see Sheriff's FaceBook link

  • County Land Records Now - see assessors page

  • JOB Postings:  None at this time

    Cline Orchard Rd

    Closed from Clarksville Rd to Hwy-40
    Effective July 11th, 2017





Here are county online sources usually available with the latest
information on flooding, emergency weather and more...

Sheriff's FaceBook     West Union FaceBook    Clark County FaceBook
Clark County Health Dept FaceBook




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County Board Meeting

Regular Meeting
Friday, August 18th
County Boardroom

Hwy   Board

Located in the heartland of America, Clark county is a great place to live, work & play!


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