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Clark County is located on the East Central Illinois-Indiana border along the I-70 corridor. Largely rural, the county features 2 large parks with fishing, camping and wonderful family recreational opportunities. Clark County is a great place to live, work & play.


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  • Next County Board Meeting  will be Friday November 21st.   there will be a public hearing for budget comments at 7:50 am with the Board meeting following.County Courthouse Boardroom, 2nd Floor. Open to public.

  • Emergency weather and road conditions see Sherriff's FB link

  • County Land Records Now Online

  • Election Results - 2013 Consolidated Election  go here

  • 2014 Election Schedule and Registration Deadlines Clark County



    Here are two county online sources usually available with the latest
    information on flooding, emergency weather...

    Sheriff's Facebook     West Union Facebook



    Moonshine - one of our highest page views, go figure

    New census figures for Clark County


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    Next Board Meeting
    Public comments for budget discussion prior to meeting  will start at 7:50am
    21st - 8am or later after public comments
    County Boardroom, 2nd Floor Courthouse

    Agendas:  Board   Hwy

    Oct Minutes (unapproved)





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