Rules of Practice - 5th Judicial Circuit of Illinois

Rule XI.

Judgments, Orders and Decrees

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A. Written Draft Orders
When the court rules upon a motion other than in the course of a trial or enters a final judgment, the attorney for the prevailing party shall submit to the court within 30 days, unless otherwise directed by the court. All decrees shall be submitted to the opposing counsel, if any, for approval as to form before entry by the court. In the event of a dispute as to form, the court shall decide the controversy after hearing from all parties. Approval as to form shall not be construed to be an approval as to substance. The court may sign the order or decree even though approval is withheld.

B. Dismissal for Want of Prosecution
All cases in which no appeal is pending, and in which there has been no action of record for a period of one year, may be dismissed by the court upon notice and shall not thereafter be redocketed without good cause shown. Unless otherwise directed by the court, counsel shall be excused from personal appearance at the docket call by filing in the file of the case prior to the date of hearing a signed statement summarizing the out-of-court activity in the case during the preceding year, when further activity in court is likely to occur, and representation of counsel he intends to prosecute the case to final disposition.