Rules of Practice - 5th Judicial Circuit of Illinois

Rule XIII.

Court Facilities

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A. Committee Appointed by Chief Judge
The Chief Judge shall from time to time, direct a committee of circuit judges to inspect the various courtrooms within the circuit. The committee shall report to the Chief Judge whether the courtroom meets the minimum standards for courtrooms as provided by the Illinois Supreme Court.  If the facility meets such minimum standards, it shall be certified as a courtroom. If the facility does not meet such minimum standards, it shall not be certified, designated or used as a courtroom without leave of the Chief Judge and then only upon such terms and conditions as the Chief Judge may direct.

B. Correction of Deficiencies
The Chief Judge, with the concurrence of a majority of the circuit judges within the circuit, may direct the county board to provide sufficient court facilities, and upon its failure to do so within a time set by the Chief Judge, the Chief Judge may direct the Presiding Judge to cause deficiencies to be corrected and/or obtain other proper facilities or furnishings and enter an order on the county board to pay such sums as required.


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