Rules of Practice - 5th Judicial Circuit of Illinois

Appendix A Case Management Memorandum - Rule VI (B) (4)

INDEX    Rules of Practice

1.   Case Title                                                                 vs.
2.   Case No.  
3.   Plaintiffs   Name Age Address
4.   Defendants (a)      
5.   Nature of Case: (State whether P.I., P.D.,wrongful death, dram shop, etc)

6.   Factual Summary and Theory of Liability or Defense  
7.   Describe in detail the Complexity of the Case


8.   Suggestion for simplification of the issues.


9.   Describe any amendments that are required to the pleadings.


10.   Suggestions for obtaining admissions of fact and documents which will avoid any unnecessary proof.  
11.   Suggested limitations on discovery. Depositions to be taken:  (1) Number_____      (2) Duration______________________
Opinion Witnesses: Area(s) of Expertise__________________________ Number:____
Deadlines: Disclosure of Opinion witnesses:     Date-
Completion of written discovery and depositions:   Date-
12.   Is settlement likely and date you will be ready for settlement conference. Date-
13.   Advisability of alternative dispute resolution.  
14.   Date on which case should be ready for trial. Date-
15. Suggested date for next case management conference. Date-
16. Other matters that may aid in the disposition of the action.  
17.   Estimated time for trial      _______days
18.   Defendant's Insurance carrier. Name:
Policy limits:
Attorney preparing this Memorandum:  
Client(s) represented:  
"I certify that I am familiar with the case and authorized to act on behalf of the client represented" ______________________________________________
Must be signed by the attorney appearing at the case mgmt conference