Rules of Practice - 5th Judicial Circuit of Illinois

Rule III.

Appearances, Time to Plead & Withdrawal

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A. Written Appearances
If a written appearance, general or special, is filed, copies of the appearance shall be served in the manner required for the service of copies of pleadings.

B. Time to Plead
A party who appears without having been served with summons is required to plead within the same time as if served with  summons on the day he appears.

C. Appearance and withdrawal of Attorneys
(1) Written Appearance
An attorney shall file a written appearance or other pleading before addressing the court, unless presenting a motion for leave to appear by intervention or otherwise.
(2) Withdrawal of Attorney
Withdrawal of attorneys shall be compliance with Supreme Court Rule 13.

D. Admission of Foreign Attorney's in Isolated Cases
(1) Application for Admission
An attorney from any other jurisdiction in the United States, or any foreign country, shall not file any pleading, or participate before the court in the trial or argument of any particular case in which, for the time being, he or she is employed, without having first obtained an order for admission pro hac vice. An application for admission pro hac vice shall be submitted to the Presiding Judge.
(2) Order for Admission
The Presiding Judge of the county wherein permission is sought, shall rule on the request for admission pro hac vice. Admission is in the court's discretion and then only upon such terms and conditions as prescribed. An order authorizing admission shall be filed in the case in which practice is permitted.
(3) Contents of Application
A form of application for admission pro hac vice is available in the office of the circuit clerk.

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